Healthier on Horseback: How Riding Improves Your Health

By Chris Dixon

If you think that riding a horse doesn’t involve much more than just sitting there like a lump on a very large, moving log, think again. Horseback riding has proven health effects, both physical and mental. Riding is a valid and fun form of exercise that new and experienced equestrians alike can enjoy. Here are the most-common benefits of getting on your favorite horse.

Ten Lessons That Horses Teach Us About Life

By: Mill Pearl

Horses are some of the world’s most beautiful and majestic creatures, and they can also teach a lot about life. Following are 10 important lessons that can be learned from these equine friends.

Big Wins at Sedgefield at the Park in August!

Huge congratulations to our champion rider, Berkley Burnett and her sidekick Shakira! And another huge congratulations to two time reserve champion Ty Anderson and his partner, Alejandro! Special thanks, as […]

Construction is Underway!

If you’ve visited recently, then you already know that there are trucks everywhere, enough metal laying around to construct a skyscraper, and ample noise to overstimulate even the calmest rider. […]